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Bob Grip We get a lot of e mails addressed to our newsroom, but one in particular caught my eye and tugged at my heart. It was from the VFW in northwest Florida, looking for some publicity about its of Democracy and Patriot Pen essay programs. I can honestly say if it hadn been for the encouragement of my parents and some kind words from some folks at a local radio station, I might have done something completely different with my life. My dad was a World War II veteran who served in the 94th Division and was a member of VFW Post 511 in my hometown. When he heardhis Post was sponsoring its of Democracy oratory contest for high school students, he encouraged me to enter, so I did. Part of the competition involved the contestants making a professional recording of our speeches on an afternoon after school. For that, all of us visited a small radio station on the edge of town. In my case it was WRYM 840AM. It was in a tiny brick building set in a swamp. I remember going down into the basement, sitting in a soundproof booth and watching as an engineer gave me a cue to start talking. Irecordedmy short speechin one take as I remember, and when I came out, the engineer asked me if I had ever considered a career in radio. At that age, I hadn considered a career in anything, but itsounded like fun. AsAs cheap Steelers jerseys free shipping we were watching, bells started ringing from the machine, and I watched as it printed the news that a long retired baseball player had just died. I was watching news as it happened. Seeing that e mail today brought back many pleasant memories of myfirst, big break, thanks to the VFW. This morning, I asked Sue Sperry of AT about the availability of cell phone service and home phone service for U Verse customers should our part of the Gulf Coast lose power. (I remember after a past storm, cell phone service died about 24 hours after the main power did). This is somesome cheap Steelers authentic jerseys what she sent in reply: should not lose power to cell sites most are on generators, which have been topped off, and we have a staging area in Mobile where we will have tankers brought in to refuel any sites that get low.All sites have additional battery backup as well.The issue with wireless service is when everyone is trying to make calls, and the towers can't handle that amount of traffic. Best bet is to plan in advance where everyone will be, use text messaging because it uses much less bandwith, and limit calls to necessary ones. During the height of the storm, we all need to help keep the system open so that first responders can get through.U verse uses the landline system to connect to the video hub, so U verse customers will be fine as long as they have power and there isn't damage to the landline system. HOWEVER high winds can destroy aerial cables, and that can cause a service outage. (more /entry > Safety first. Don step outside to get a better shot if there a chance you could be in danger (don laugh; I have to remind myself of this rule, too When you take your picture or shoot video, think not To make it easier, think of how an HD screen looks. It wider than it is tall. Your pictures will look better on TV and the web. When it comes to video, record what we call, sound Let us hear what you hearing. Let us know roughly where you are and when you took it. Put it in the note that goes along with video or picture. southsouth wholesale Steelers cheap jerseys over Mobile Bay would be a good example. If you sending video, shoot for no more than 30 seconds at a time if you can. Long video clips may get compressed (and look bad) or may be too large to be sent over wireless networks. Don move the camera much, and if you do move, move slowly and smoothly. The FOX10 News Stormtracker Radar Center will be busy this weekend as our team of meterologists keeps an eye on Isaac. Whether it a tropical storm or a hurricane, we make sure you in the loopthrough tweets, Facebook posts, stories on the weband on Fox 10.10. free shipping cheap Steelers jerseys I been doing double duty as a photographer, shooting video updates on my iPhonewith Jason between newscasts and posting them on Facebook and Twitter. We all hope the storm justjust cheap authentic Steelers jerseys free shipping disappears, but if it doesn we be ready to do our part to keep you and your family safe. Every week is a full one, but next week will overflow! In addition to everythingI doduring a normal week, I be back at Spring Hill College for another semester teaching one course in Multimedia Journalism. My classroom is a hot tech dream,complete with a touch screen that controls the DVD, video projector and other electronics. I been returning to SHC, more or less every year since 1986. Over the years, at least 13 former students have graduatedand become co workers at FOX 10! No semester is ever the same as the last. There is always something new to teach, whether it tothe transitionfrom tape to disk or watching local radio news slowly fade away while web news becomes more important. As always, the bedrock is writing. As always, I trying to become the first adjunct instructor to get tenure. Then take a sabbatical I also be leading some in house training here at FOX10 on writing for the web, which certainly isn like writing for print or even TV. I traveled to London with a reporter, photographer, and an editor to cover the 2012 Farnborough International Air Show.


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